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Olle Cornéer of Dada Life diagnosed with cancer

This is a post from HousePlanet. Read the original post here: Olle Cornéer of Dada Life diagnosed with cancer

Dada Life‘s member Olle Cornéer has revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer. In a blog post he wrote heart felt message to fans. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he makes a speedy recovery. Read the full message from Olle here: “It's the best cancer you can get.”“Cancer?”The only word I could hear was “cancer” and it kept bouncing inside my head and I don't think I heard what the doctor said for the rest of the visit.As some of you know I've been away from the touring. And now I want to tell you why. In the beginning of September I went to the doctor. It was a Monday. On Wednesday I had surgery (moving fast is important). Since then I've been taking blood samples, going through x-rays and talking to doctors. And now I'm in chemotherapy. Yes, it's cancer. But after talking to the doctors I've realized that this particular form really is “the best” cancer you can get. Most people that get treatment become completely free from it. After coming home from surgery I laid in the dark of my room, feeling completely numb. Darkness outside, darkness inside. But pretty soon I ...

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ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ 3 Ιουλίου, 2014 Ραδιοφωνικό Ίδρυμα Κύπρου   Project Title: ReThink (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Εκστρατεία ευαισθητοποίησης για τη Μείωση, Επαναχρησιμοποίηση και Ανακύκλωση των απορριμμάτων στην Κύπρο.  Acronym: Life Know Waste Project Type: Life + Information and Communication Starting Date: 09/06/2014 Ending Date: 10/04/2017 Το Ραδιοφωνικό Ίδρυμα Κύπρου ανακοινώνει την έναρξη του Ευρωπαϊκού Προγράμματος, με […]

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Watch A Superman Action Figure Get Shot Into Space

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Superman action figure on the precipice of Earth ready to plummet down to terra firma! Don't believe me? Then check out this rather odd but also surprisingly and completely engaging clip depicting Superman's travel through space. Um ... I don't really know what to say. While I have to admit that I was completely transfixed by the clip, after watching it I was struggling to see what the point was in sending the action figure into space. Well, the good people over at Design Spark, who orchestrated the bizarre mission, ...
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